Mahloti ya Wansati

Performance 2019 – Investec Art Fair Gallery Night.

The work is anchored in and around three large sculptural cloaks.

They are worn, displayed and moved.

Painting in Clay

Sound and movement merge with voices, splashing water, the scraping of clay, the tapping of a tin bucket, percussion and drumming.

There are voices of women calling, chanting and wailing.

Bodies, faces, hands within cloaks swaying.

The elements of water, air, earth and fire are all called and activated and deeply acknowledged.

This performance ritual is a soulful cry of support to all women everywhere.

Womens Tears

new forms of chaos

Abstraction for me is not the denying or the minimal pairing of a reality created in two dimensions, but the act of giving vent to the chaos of a personal reality through extreme gesture in paint and painterliness.

July – 2020

means of isolation